VIP Courier Service

At Chauffeurs of Manchester we understand that sometimes certain belongings cannot have a price put on them. That’s why we offer a VIP courier Service which aims to ensure your goods are both safe and dealt with in the most delicate way. We deliver the happiness which money cannot buy, we value each and every item / goods with personal care and deliver to the destination with delicacy and confidentiality by our trained & professional staff.

With our VIP Courier Service, the delivery is tracked internally but is flagged at a higher priority level. Drivers are alerted by the control centre of a ‘Time-Out’ period by which the consignment must be delivered and ‘off the system’. Our VIP Courier Service is also a rush courier service but is not strictly point-to-point. If requested by the sender, a call-back is made to the sender on delivery.

So weather it’s a priceless painting, picture frame, antique furniture etc we will ensure its safe and delicate transport to any destination in the U.K.

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